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    Information Architecture

    Organizing complex information into its simplest and more assessable form. IA is the core of web and app structure.

UX & UI Design Portfolio

Recent Projects

A project that generated a complete mobile web strategy for two branded websites.

Conceptualizing a new e-commerce platform for one of the world's largest retailers.

Over a six month period I worked for the Guggenheim's Web Department.

I helped design a social media analytics platform with an innovative SEO company.

James Donovan is a New York based designer and artist. He thoroughly enjoys writing about himself in the third person.

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Portrait of James Donovan in Hong Kong

If you feel so inclined, check me out on the social web at gmail, linkedin, twitter, facebook, and vimeo.

Design Philosophy

Design with an objective.

Design is not precious.

Editing is more important than adding.

There are no bad ideas, only better ones.

Gain insight through translation.

Quantity leads to quality.

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Journey Maps & Personas

Customer Journey small

Journey Maps and Personas are employed to define and design interactive products. “Persona” is frequently used interchangeably with “user” although the two terms differ in meaning when it comes to usability. Personas are profiles of fictional characters or people based on ethnographic research, surveys or interviews. Customer Journey Map A Customer Journey Map outlines the […]