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    Meaningful Animation

    Make better use of animation as a tool to guide and entertain. How to apply the design principles of Google Material to new apps and projects.

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    Information Architecture

    Organizing complex information into its simplest and more assessable form. IA is the core of web and app structure.

UX & UI Design Portfolio

Recent Projects

User accounts, New Branded Website, CMS Exploration

McCann Erickson
Conceptualizing a new e-commerce platform for one of the world's largest retailers.

Over a six month period I worked for the Guggenheim's Web Department developing new page designs and optimizing pages based on user behavior.

A project that generated a complete mobile web strategy for two branded websites.

About Me


Design is the inspiring intersection of art and engineering. My career has grown over the past few years from generating static content to focus largely on interactions app architecture. My talents have largely gone to envisioning large systems in simple and connected ways. By holistically understanding the needs of users, business objectives, and technical possibilities, I focus on innovative solutions that help build directed solutions. My career so far has exclusively focused on large redesigns, with smaller fun interactive projects keeping my attention sharp.

May passion is robotics and digital manufacturing. Immediately upon entering university my attention was drawn to 3D modeling an digital means of production. Modeling objects in vector or 3D programs and then sculpting them with material or laser cutting plastic components. As the consumer 3D printing market emerged in 2007, I became engrossed in additive manufacturing. At the AMS Lab at the Courant Institute at NYU, I helped a group of computer science students build one of the first 100 Makerbot Kits. It was in the AMS club that I realized the value of design and creativity in the technology industry. At the time I was a senior in college, and I knew exactly where I wanted my career to go.

If you feel so inclined, check me out on the social web at gmail, linkedin, twitter, facebook, and vimeo.

Recent Thoughts

Google Material: Meaningful Animation


This past week, I spent a few days at Google’s campus in New York learning about the new Material Design spec. Material focuses on four main points, with one being the most consistent across all interfaces and devices: animation. As more apps incorporate flat design into their aesthetic and architecture, meaningful animation begins to pick […]

Building Robots


Over the past year, I have spent hundreds of hours building different kinds of robots. Some of these machines have been built from kits, compiled from open source files, or designed and fabricated from custom components. This is an amazing time for hardware development! Consumer drones are becoming increasingly capable. Many of the robot projects […]