A Brief Synopsis of Personal Philosophy

The diverse field of design focuses creating better solutions for the human experience. Design occasionally reaches a crystalline structure where a device, pattern, or practice becomes common and cliché. Vacuums, for instance, have looked more or less the same for the last decade. This type of stasis occurs because the design community agrees that a product is more or less “perfect”, or because the general public resists changing a comfortable object. In technology, the design paradigms are perpetually changing. Thus the demonstration of the Ying-Yang above. The Ying-Yang is the Taoist symbol for balance and change. Having spend many years studying Chinese culture, I’ve come to greatly appreciate the Taoist philosophy especially as it pertains to design.

The funny thing is that I’m constantly learning how my life informs my designs. I’ve studied all over the world, and so much of my design philosophy comes from my personal experience. I consider myself a Taoist. Taoist philosophy is the philosophy of change.

Donovan received his Bachelors of Fine Arts from the Steinhardt school at NYU in 2010. This intrepid young explorer majored in Digital Art and with a minor in Global Culture. The flexibility of the arts curriculum allowed him to direct education as an immersive experience rather than a passive inception of information observed through texts.

James is actively learning as much C++ as possible and forgetting about one Chinese character a day. At that rate from his peek of approximately 3000 characters, he will have forgent every last bit of Chinese by the time he is 32.7 years old.

James’ work has been featured on the websites of clients that include the Guggenheim, Apple, Ikea, and Flavorpill.

Portrait of James Donovan sitting in a busy cafe in Hong Kong

If you feel so inclined, check me out on the social web at gmail, linkedin, twitter, facebook, and vimeo.

If you’re looking for my artwork, you’ll want to look at JamesNova.com

Recent Projects

User accounts, New Branded Website, CMS Exploration

McCann Erickson
Conceptualizing a new e-commerce platform for one of the world's largest retailers.

Over a six month period I worked for the Guggenheim's Web Department developing new page designs and optimizing pages based on user behavior.

A project that generated a complete mobile web strategy for two branded websites.