Journey Maps & Personas

Posted by on Feb 24, 2013

Journey Maps and Personas are employed to define and design interactive products. “Persona” is frequently used interchangeably with “user” although the two terms differ in meaning when it comes to usability. Personas are profiles of fictional characters or people based on ethnographic research, surveys or interviews.

Customer Journey Map

A Customer Journey Map outlines the flow of events that lead a costumer though their decision making process.

Customer Persona

While you can collect data for personas using surveys, personas are not based on what customers like or don’t like about a company, website or product. A Persona is about understanding who the customer is and defining what drives them to make decisions. The more you know about the a persona’s pain points, media consumption, and habits the better the persona will be at helping to establish design patterns.

Developing Deliverables

Stickie notes are an excellent way to quickly and effectively organize data, visualize themes, and identify patterns. Once sets of information have been categories, hierarchies can be built to begin organizing themes and items. Laying out information in an open environment enhances the ability to sort, track, and organize information.